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Our goal is to get you better and provide the treatment that is most suitable for your needs. We believe in individual healthcare, searching for the root cause of your problem.

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First class physical therapy services, with evidenced based treatment. We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment.

Our focus on each individual with a special level of care and consideration provides a first class physical therapy services that is above and beyond your expectations. We diagnose, treat, educate and help prevent many diverse conditions.





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Our team of administrators and professionals aim to give you a first class experience. Contact the team with any booking enquiries.

“I take great pride in what I do for a living. I get to work with different people, of different ages and backgrounds, and help them return to what they love to do.” – Jeff Fear

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Hear the feedback from some of our amazing patients after their treatment with Schuylerville PT.

“Schuylerville Physical Therapy is such a friendly and professional environment. Jeff and Zoe are so knowledgeable and have this incredible knack of making Physical Therapy something to look forward to! This community is very fortunate to have this available locally. Receptionist, Susan completes the team and helps patients navigate the challenge of scheduling and insurance questions.”

LT, Schuylerville, NY

“When I walked into Schuylerville Physical Therapy, PC completely bent over at the waist. I was in so much pain and I was sure that no one would be able to help me. After about five weeks I was completely out of pain. Zoe is the queen of PT and she is not only a wonderful physical therapist, but she is compassionate and caring. I did not get to work with Jeff but he is wonderful as well. I would absolutely recommend SPT to anyone in need-you’ll be glad you did.”

Chris, Schuylerville, NY

“Brittany Denton, my physical therapist, has been very professional, attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. She has just been the best! What was most valuable was that she taught me mobility exercise with patience and empathy for my limitations. My mobility is back and I couldn’t be more relieved and happy. Being professional, punctual, and organized is what sets Brittany, and this practice, apart from others. Cheers, Britney and thank you SPT!””

Pat, Gansevoort, NY

“Jeff is excellent. He puts the time and attention into solving the problem and has help my Severe back pain tremendously. He couldn’t ask for a more caring and professional therapist. His coworker, Zoe, is equally qualified and dedicated. Susan, his office manager, is efficient and warm. I’m sure you’ll agree.”

Lorelei, Gansevoort, NY

“Jeff Fear, I am writing to thank you for the exceptional care that you and your clinic provided me on my path of recuperation after my surgery. Your ability to connect both with the possibilities of my shoulder and my own potential’s as a person, combine for a very effective and pleasant path on my road to recovery. As a movement professional and therapist, myself, I give you highest appreciation and prayers for your skill to feel beneath the tissue and guide the joint, through manipulation and stretching towards greater flexibility. The exercises have given me the strength to be on my way to full use of the shoulder again. I can only recommend you in the highest terms. What a gem your clinic is, hidden away in a sleepy little town of Schuylerville. With great gratitude and respect!”

Jaimen, Schuylerville, NY

“Great place, great staff! It’s like being with family.”

Bob, Schuylerville, NY

“Schuylerville Physical Therapy is such a A friendly and professional environment. Jeff and Zoe are so knowledgeable and have this incredible knack of making physical therapy something to look forward to! This community is very fortunate to have this available locally. Receptionist, Susan, completes the team and helps patients navigate the challenges of scheduling and insurance questions.”

Lorraine, Schuylerville, NY


What we have going on.

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Little League Shoulder

Little league shoulder is an overuse injury, generally affecting kids ages 10-17. The growth plate in the humerus (shoulder) widens, causing pain, swelling and inability to

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10 Nov

What is shoulder impingement?

A few weeks ago, you had some increased pain in your shoulder after doing some work in your yard. After trying to give it some time to heal on its own, you noticed the pain becoming worse.

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